About Sjö&Hav

We know there is a need for keeping yourself and your gear clan when you spend time in nature under simple conditions, like when hiking or kayaking. That’s why we have developed Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care (translated Sea & Ocean). A range of Swedish biodegradable hygiene products designed for outdoor use. When spending time outdoors, we want you to be able to use customized quality products that lathers in both cold, salt and freshwater in order to enjoy nature without leaving any trace. Small tubes with relevant multi functions for the lightweight backpack and a leave in conditioner for a quick and smooth result. In cooperation with experienced chemists we develop products that meet the requirements of international Eco Labels, EU directives and current debates. Sold in Sweden since 2004.

”The Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care brand value sustainable lifestyle, quality and the wellbeing that nature brings to humans. We exist in order to give people access to nature and everything it complies, without leaving any trace. Our products are clean, biodegradable and produced in Sweden. Developed by us. We continuously develop our products and the organisation towards sustainable goals and prioritize the environment in all our corporate decisions.” – Åsa Plahn, Partner and Founder

How it all started
When you spend all summer in the Stockholm archipelago under simple conditions, no electricity and running water, the way to stay clean is to wash yourself in sea water. But we felt we lacked the right products to match our situation on the island. We wished for quality products, environmental friendly and suitable for outdoor use. So we decided to create them ourselves. It started in 2004 with a liquid biodegradable soap that lathers in both salt and freshwater. It became a success from day one. Today we have a range of eight uniquely developed products. Soaps, shampoos, detergent, washing-up liquid and a plant based price winning insect repellent. Welcome to Sjö&Hav Outdoor Care!

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We recommend to filter used water through soil and avoid use in still waters for minimal impact on sensitive environments.